Rimmer De Vries - posted 15 Sep 2012

 Three enthusiasts clearly transfixed by some garden excitement at the 2012 Spring Sale (picture 9 Jun 2012).

Patrick Ion - posted 23 Apr 2012

 Inspired by Fritz Kummert's much bigger project an overview of our small crevice garden stuck between a driveway and a ramp path (both laid by Bonnie). The garden was constructed October and November 2010. The next 3 images show some blooms close-up; the clump of Iris bucharica at the tip on the left is long over. [Double-click images for very large versions]
close up of Hypoxis, Dianthus, Daphne and Iris Hymenoxys herbacea clump at center, Dianthus on left, small Daphne above, two Iris species at right.
close up of Globularia, Draba et al Globularia flowering, Draba also in flower, Iris pumila cv. at left.
close up of Arabis purshii et al. Arabis purshii (ex Don Lafond) over flowering with copious seed, Fritillaria mihailovskii (supposedly), Primula allioni over at back right, Iris pumila cv at front.

Rimmer de Vries - posted 19 Apr 2012

Rimmer-House_IMG_1448.JPG Daphne and tulips
Rimmer-Iris_kirkwoodii_x_atropurpurea_IMG_1460sm.jpg Iris kirkwoodii [not x atropurpurea as used ot be thought, says Fritz Kumert 21 Apr 2012]
Rimmer-Iris_'Thor'_IMG_1430.JPG Iris 'Thor'
Rimmer-Paeonia_tenuifolia_IMG_1450.JPG Paeonia tenuifolia

Rimmer de Vries - posted 16 Apr 2012

Rimmer-P_caucasica-20120416.JPG Paeonia caucasica from seed in 3-4 years

Rimmer de Vries - posted 31 Mar 2012

Rimmer-Fritillaria_olivieri_IMG_1173.JPG Fritillaria olivieri
Rimmer-Fritillaria-olivieri-IMG_1174.JPG Fritillaria olivieri showing pollen

Rimmer de Vries - posted 18 and 19 Mar 2012

Rimmer-earlys_sax_20120318.JPG Early Sax
Rimmer-Sax_on_tufa_20120219 Early Sax on tufa
Rimmer-Jeffersonia_dubia_20120318.JPG Jeffersonia dubia in bloom

Rimmer de Vries - posted 12 Mar 2012

Rimmer-Crocus_abontensis_20120312.JPG Crocus abantensis from seed from Gardens North in 2008. "Finally !" he says.

Rimmer de Vries - posted 7 Feb 2012

Crocus_biflorus_isauricus in bloom: 2012/2/6 Crocus_biflorus_isauricus in bloom: 2012/2/6.
Grown from Archibald seed sown Jan 24, 2008.

Rimmer de Vries - posted 31 Jan 2012

Fred Case in his garden during a public visit: 2008/5/10 Fred Case in his garden during a public visit. 2008/5/10
Yep that is a rock!; Fred Case and friends “Yep that is a rock!” Fred Case with Tony Reznicek, Jacques Thompson, Brian Winchell, Dick Punnet. 2008/5/10
Don with a trowel; Fred Case “Don with a trowel.” Going into Fred Case's woods. 2008/5/10

Rimmer and Susann de Vries - posted 22 Jan 2012

In RHS Lilies and Related Plants [big PDF of issue] Two articles of interest:
My experience with Lilium fargesii, Rimmer de Vries, pp. 43—66
Spousal acceptance factor: living with a lily enthusiast, Susann de Vries, pp. 65—66

Tony Reznicek - posted 27 Oct 2011

Galanthus reginae-olgae: Tony Reznicek

23 Oct 2011: An oddity — a fall blooming snowdrop, Galanthus reginae-olgae. I've tried fall blooming snowdrops before, sporadically, but with dismal success — they mostly tried to bloom in late November, which is hopeless — plus the leaves also came out in the fall, which is disastrous with winter coming. But this early blooming (relatively speaking) variant, originally from Janis Ruksans, consistently opens before hard frosts, and the leaves do not develop until spring, so they are not destroyed by our winters. Of course, it's not like spring, where, in late February to mid-March, the snowdrops are the only game in town. Even in late October there is so much color and competition from other plants that I put this right by the doorstep, where I can see it every day. I'm working on building up a clump!

Rimmer de Vries - posted 23 Oct. 2011

Iris acutiloba; Rimmer de Vries

May 2011: A fine example of Iris acutiloba in bloom this spring. [See also SIGNA's I. acutiloba entry

I got the plant from Harvey Wrightman in August 2007. Harvey said it was from Janis Ruksans.[[Correction Sep 2013 by RdV: I found the tag for this iris actiloba and it was from Hank Zutterland of Gothenburg not Janis Ruksans.]] It is planted in full sun in sand in a raised bed supported by a large rock — high and dry; in the summer it should be covered with a pane of glass to keep the mid western monsoons off but I never have done this, rather foolishly covering it in the winter with a pane of glass. But I now understand winter cover is not necessary.

Crocus goulimyi

Crocus goulimyi, an autumn-flowering species 22 Oct 2011

Crocus sp.

22 Oct 2011: As one can see I grew it from NARGS seed 2008 # 865. It was labelled as C. pallasii pallasii but I think it is a hybrid with matheweii to get the dark center. The photo is from today; now there are 3 flowers all different.

One should looks in the R. Leeds' book on autumn bulbs or J. Ruksans' new crocus book.

Ian Youngs of Aberdeen says “It does look like the one we know as C. matheweii - (which shows variation when raised from seed). However Crocus pallasii is a very variable species and there has been some suggestion that C. assumaniae and C. mathewii should all come under that name so it will be difficult to tell exactly what it is.“ [25 Oct 2011]